“What kind of car do they drive?” Ugh, I clench my teeth a little every time I hear that question. In a world of sexy sports cars, monster SUVs, and even fuel-efficient rides, it’s no wonder so many people have pushed the idea of alternative transportation to the backseat. When you drive everywhere, you deprive your body of the necessary exercise that you would normally get by moving around on your feet or a bicycle. But here’s how cycling from point A to B will do a lot more than save you gas money. Go here for a really cool collection of bicycles to choose from.
I was recently in San Francisco for the first time in quite a while. I was really impressed to see the extent to whch people were into bike riding. There were bicycles everywhere. I saw many people riding very cool mountain bikes. That made sense, given how hilly and mountainous the terrain is. While there, I thought to myself, "I'll bet when some of those people got itred climbing those hills, they wish they had some power to make it through some of those hills. My daughter's boyfriend rides his bike everywhere, inluding to work. With one of these electric bikes, she could keep up with him. They allow you to pedal a bike like normal, but you also have the option of switching to power when you need it. Note: While parts of the above graphic directly link health to weight loss, there are many factors outside of exercise that contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Health isn't dependent on maintaining a specific weight... hello--everyone is different! It's always good to consult your doctor or health guru (whatever makes you sing) before committing to exercise. But, it's very hard to go wrong with bike riding. There are many positives to riding a bicycle as long as you remain conscious of safety concerns.  For more information on the infographic, click here.

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